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Daniel Wynn Crewe

I found the online training really useful. I will definitely be recommending it to my colleagues and friends as I feel it would benefit people looking to get into any industry.

I have taken other elearning courses in the past but this is by far the best. I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to make their CV stand out or gain confidence before an interview.

Nicola Scott Stockport
  • Learn Faster By Enjoying Your Chosen Course
  • Short Activity Based Courses with Questions & Assessments
  • Get important skills, qualifications & compliance for UK businesses and individuals

How it works

  • Step 1. Choose A Topic You Are Interested In...
  • Step 2: Learn What Really Matters - Freeing Up Learning Time By 80% - 
  • Step 3: We Include Strong Psychological Anchors So You Retain More Of What You Learn, Such As:
  • Questioning
  • Storytelling
  • Gamification
  • Our Secret Ingredient*
  • Step 4: Add Animation & Engaging voiceover in an "easy to digest & assimilate" tone
  • Believe It Or Not, You Can Learn Each Course In Just 20-25 Minutes!

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Question: What Makes Ecademy Different From Other e-Learning Sites?

Traditionalists will tell you the way to learn is through repetition; while we wouldn’t try to dispute this, the small print is that if what you are repeating holds no interest then it’s a lot harder to retain.

So we have flipped the concept of learning on it’s head and made learning INTERESTING, it’s so obvious and simple we’re quite frankly shocked so many other online learning establishments haven’t done the same!

  • So the novel idea was to make e-learning something you will enjoy and look forward to! How have we transformed this type of learning? As follows:
  • Our videos are Fun, Bright, Cheerful, Colourful.
  • We Include Easy-Listening Stories, Engaging Games, Proven Techniques to make you retain more stuff!
  • Which means you’re less likely to get distracted, and can really focus on what’s being learned.
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Question: How Long Does Each Of Your Courses Last?

​Roughly speaking, 5–25 Minutes. All our courses could be extended by hours, but what would be the point in that? We want you to learn the best way possible, and we honestly believe we have cracked it!

We could also pretend that you can learn anything online watching videos, but let’s be serious, that would not be possible. For stuff you can’t learn online, leave it for the real world! One of the biggest chunks of training & learning budget goes toward travel and downtime, the actual time it takes to learn what’s being taught.

At Ecademy, we only want to provide you with the stuff that’s going to make a difference and be as effective as possible with both time and training.Now, we are proud to say that we’ve condensed the important stuff (results), and got rid of the rest, which will be picked up by actually implementing the course material, and gaining valuable experience. This means online training courses will never be the same again!

What Our Video Training Looks Like...

Decision Making Course

Communicating Effectively

Customer Service Success

Productivity & Time Management

Why Communication Matters

Data Protection Intro

Cyber Security Trailer

Workplace Bullying

Health & Safety: COSHH Intro

Negotiation Trailer

Finance: Understanding Balance Sheets

Introduction to Powerpoint

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What We Offer To Customers & Clients

Custom Learning Available; Personalised For Your Companies' Specific Needs

Complete Learning Management System Solutions

Off the Shelf Video Learning Courses
Our Cyber Security Course/Internet Security Course is proving very popular.


An Offer You Cannot Refuse...
Get Access to Our FULL COURSE SYLLABUS & Complete Video Library

  • Low Monthly Fee
  • Unlimited Access
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What You Get With Each Course:

  • Animated E-Learning Modules
    Including knowledge check and SCORM compliant modules to track completion
  • Animated Explainer Videos
    Playable from intranet sites, staff area display screens or mobiles
  • Workbooks
    Activities and offline challenges to speed up implementation
  • Infographics
    To be used as a poster or as reference material to reinforce the message
  • Pre-Reading Texts
    To prep delegates to get the most out of classroom courses
  • Artwork & Images
    To create your own course materials 
  • Promotional Resources
    Everything you need to drive take up

You Can Get All The Above For One Low Monthly Fee!

A Little Bit About Us...

This company was born out of a frustration of the current trend in e-learning.

Before we transformed e-learning, not all companies or individuals could afford it, for people who did buy into it, it was a laborious, dull process that very few actually enjoyed!

In two words; It sucked. We thought we could give a whole lot more, and do a damn-sight better job at it: And thus Ecademy was born!

​Ultimately, it's all about you the client, and that's where our drive and motivation comes from - giving you the training that gets the results you want, need and deserve!

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